Respite Care

Welcome relief for the elderly and their carers

What is Respite Care? Looking after a sick or elderly person for a period running into months or even years can be exhausting and debilitating.


Respite Care is short-term care that helps the carer enjoy a welcome break from the daily routine and inevitable stress. And it can offer a pleasant change of routine for the elderly or sick person.

Respite Care in Plymouth

It’s much more than simply a holiday – it is considered by professionals an essential part of the overall support for family carers. Everyone can recharge their batteries, and the elderly or sick person can continue living successfully at home.

Forms of Respite Care

Respite care comes in many forms. We offer it for periods of between a week and a month or more, either in the sick or elderly person’s home (through Sunshine Live-in Care) or at The Retreat Care Home, Plymouth, Devon.

We know that one size never fits all. And when making an assessment, we take into account the needs of both carer and elderly or sick person.

Our years of experience means that we’re highly experienced at tailoring respite care to individual needs.

Respite Care in Plymouth

Short Respite Live in Care

For elderly people who need a short respite live in care, we can provide this service in their own home.

Many of our customers choose this service because the specialist carer is supervised directly by our Nurse-led management team, to ensure that the carer provides the high quality of care that you wish and deserve.

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Respite Care in Plymouth

Simple respite care

Sometimes an elderly or sick person may simply need help with problems of sight or hearing loss. Or there may be physical incapacity or mobility difficulties, or sensitive issues such as incontinence. They may be seeking a period of convalescence after an operation.

Respite care helps people gently readjust to living at home again.

We’re always happy to visit you or your relative in hospital so that the correct level of care can be discussed and agreed before they’re discharged.

Respite Care in Plymouth

A fuller respite care service

There are occasions when a person may need fuller respite care. We can provide this in their own home or at The Retreat, Plymouth. For example, we are highly experienced in arranging beneficial care for people with the following conditions: stroke or paralysis; Parkinson’s disease or Huntington’s chorea; dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other older-age mental health problems; motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis or other chronic illnesses; brain injury; and terminal illness.

Where the care requirement is more demanding, we sometimes suggest two carers – this is particularly effective if your relative suffers disturbed nights, or requires careful moving and handling.

To find out more about our Respite Care service in Plymouth, Devon, please contact us at 0800 955 0069 or by email to

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