Care Home or Home Care?

Residential Care Homes or Home Care? Many people are faced with the difficult situation of having to choose the right care solution for their parents or spouse.  Some of the things to be considered are whether the person wishes to stay in their own home.  Or is it a cheaper option to choose from the best residential care homes in Plymouth?  Or does the house need to be sold to finance the care? Will the home care agency supply a regular set of carers, or will the agency supply 15 different carers each month?

You have the right to make the choice of where you receive the care required.  We hope to share with you some information to help you to establish the right care that suits your lifestyle, your financial situation and that of the people you care about.

Residential Care Homes compared to Home Care

Residential Care Homes

  • Shared communal facilities – good if you want company.
  • Your home may be sold to pay for care fees which range from £700 to over £1000 in more affluent areas of the UK.
  • There will be activities organised or outings out to local place of interest.
  • Usually pets are not allowed.
  • There will be a team of carers assisting with care needs.
  • The best care homes, like The Retreat, will not operate restricted visiting; and will allow you to go to bed when you want to and allow you to have breakfast and meals in your own room.

Home Care visits throughout the day

You will be restricted by the irregular times that carers arrive, if you are dependent on them for assistance to:

  • Getting up and going to bed,
  • Being able to use the toilet,
  • Having meals at the time you choose.

See YouTube video of a typical Home Care Visit

Residential Care Homes compared to Home Care

The carers are unlikely to have the time to sit down and talk to you, to engage in any stimulating conversation.

There will be a large number of carers assigned to you at different times of the day and on different days of the week.  Sometimes they may be late because of inadequate travelling time or sometimes they will fail to turn up.

However, you will have the comfort of being in familiar surroundings in your own home.  See friends and family at any time.  Additionally, at present:

  • Your home won’t be taken into consideration if social services assess your assets,
  • You won't be forced to sell your home by social services to pay care fees and charges cannot be applied against your property.
Residential Care Homes compared to Home Care

Engaging a Live in Carer to live with you in your home

  • You can stay together, as a couple, in your own home with one Live in care worker-saving on care costs,
  • You have one-to-one attention,
  • You are fully in control of your environment and your care.

However, the costs will range from just under £700 with Select Carers, who supply self-employed carers, (

Or will cost over £900 for a good quality managed live in care service like Sunshine Live in Care, (

Your main living in carer will be assigned to you for at least four weeks continuous stay.

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