You choose our Care Home Activities and Outings

During your stay we encourage you to lead an active lifestyle and to choose which Care Home Activities and Outings you prefer.

There's a wide choice of things to do, and you can join in with as many or as few as you wish.

We like to encourage regular exercise. To keep you on your toes there are daily exercises, gentle walks, dancing, singing, and gardening.

Enjoyable memory-recall games encourage mental alertness and keep your brain busy.

Care Home Activities

We get together to listen to music, discuss current affairs and exchange opinions on books and television. And there are our ever-popular outings to local beauty spots... Why not tell us about the places you'd like to visit?

Enhancing our residence quality of life

At The Retreat Care Home we believe that all who live here should expect their quality of life to be enhanced by the provision of safe, well-maintained and comfortable facilities. At the same time as supporting our residents, we encourage them to remain independent and resourceful.

Care Home Activities

Hobbies and interests

Our care home offers a wide range of activities designed to help each person to remain mobile and lead an interesting and happy life. Our cheerful staff encourage everyone to pursue their own hobbies and interests, and to engage in craft activities. When a person joins us at The Retreat we make a point of finding out what interests and activities they enjoy; also, at our regular residents' meetings we discuss our Care Home activities and outings, and ask for ideas and suggestions. We display information about all our events on the main notice board. We also make sure to ask if everyone is satisfied with the activities we've organised.


Gardening can be a powerful healing activity. We often make visits to garden centres, not just to benefit the gardens but also to refresh ourselves.

Many of our residents enjoy gardening, and we always encourage them. In our large greenhouse they can help to raise and nurture plants for the garden and the house, and residents can have fun sorting out flowers they have picked in order to make pot-pourri for their bedrooms.

Care Home Activities
Care Home Activities

Rich Social Life

As well as providing a stimulating environment at The Retreat, we also try to give our residents a rich social life.

We often visit Buckfast Abbey gardens where there are gift shops and a superb garden the atmosphere is tranquil and spiritually uplifting.

We sometimes enjoy musical soirees at venues such as Saltram House; on these occasions we often dress in our best to make the most of the event.

On the first and third Mondays of each month there is a tea dance at the local church hall. This is great fun for the residents of our Care Home, and they can meet new friends and rekindle old friendships.

Quiet areas

However, we never impose our ideas, and we never force people into group activities against their will.

If you so choose we have quiet areas where you can sit quietly and read, or contemplate nature, or simply enjoy a quiet nap in peace.

We are happy to make the necessary arrangements to meet your religious and spiritual needs, and we will ensure that our staff are aware of what you have requested. At the same time, no resident of our Care Home will feel pressured into attending a church service or receiving a pastoral visit.

Care Home Activities

Care Home Activities and Outings vs. Home Care

Taking into consideration our Care Home Activities and Outings, Carers and Services, The Retreat is a very good alternative to Home Care. But if you are looking for a specialist live in carers supervised by an agency we recommend our sister company Sunshine Care (see

For any question regarding our Care Home Activities and Outings you can call our advisers on 0800 955 0069 or send an email to

You can visit the Retreat Care Home in Plymouth, Devon at the address: Belle Vue Road, Hooe, Plymstock, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL9 9NR. We look forward to meeting you!

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