Arranging Care

Arranging Care... For most families and primary carers, the decision to move their relative from their own home into residential care, causes significant distress. Often this what the relative would not have desired.  Sometimes the primary carer may have been asked to promise it would never happen. How can a residential home and its care arrangements replace the loving care and attention given by the family?

When you are arranging care you need to be aware of the type of care you require.  We can assist you with this.   The home you choose should also provide the right environment for your loved one to live in.

Our residential care home has an “Open Door” policy and will welcome you to visit any time. If you wish to meet the Home Manager it may be best to contact the home in advance.  Please talk to the staff and residents to find out how they feel about the home.

We offer both day care and respite care to help with the transition of moving permanently into one of our care homes.

Care Home Assessment

To become a resident, so that you can join us at The Retreat Care Home, you’ll need a full and thorough care home assessment by one of our trained Assessors.

This Care Assessment ensures that we provide the correct level of care that you need. We are a residential care home and not a nursing care home, even though we are a nurse-led service.

Prior to any admission, a member of our management will visit you at home or in hospital to discuss your care needs with you; arranging care when it suits you.

Arranging Care in our Residential Care Home

We will consult with your family and your doctor, (and possibly with Social Services), to make sure we have all the relevant information about you and your care needs.

We also arrange emergency care admissions to our residential home under certain circumstances.

Every effort will be made to make you feel at home and to be made welcome on arrival and to make the transitional period as smooth as possible. You will be given as much information as possible in order for this to happen and any worries or concerns that you may have will be discussed.

If help is required with the unpacking of luggage and arranging your room this will be given in a sensitive manner by a member of staff.

If your General Practitioner is in the same area you should be able to retain them.

A trial period will commence on admission for both you and the home to ensure that all parties are sure that it is the home for them and that all needs can be met.

Arranging Care in our Residential Care Home

Arranging Care Planning

After the Care Assessment, we need to talk with you about your assessed care needs.

This stage helps us make your stay at The Retreat Care Home as happy and rewarding as possible. We’ll listen to you carefully, and as soon as we’re all in agreement, we’ll create your own Personal Care Plan, tailored to your own individual needs.

You can be reassured that your Personal Care Plan will be continually monitored and updated – your needs will inevitably change over time.

Our starting point is a person’s life history.  Recording an outline of this a Family Tree helps staff to understand the individual.   A part of arranging care is becoming familiar with individual personalities, getting to know their daily routines, their values and beliefs.

It is vital that we keep abreast of these changes so that you remain as happy and content as possible.

Our Care Control management system is a comprehensive cloud-based software system that supports our care team by arranging care and managing all our care home information in one place. With Care Control we know that we are complying with CQC regulations; and that we are evidencing all aspects of care provision, quickly and easily.  Care plans are person-centred and monitoring is accurate and appropriate.  This care planning system provides openness of our care provision, data is secure; and the software can be accessed by relatives in their own home or office.  You will be notified at the same time as us of anything untoward.

Your first days with us

When you arrive at The Retreat Care Home you can be assured of a very warm welcome from us all, staff and residents alike. We’re friendly and easy-going, and we’re sure you’ll soon feel thoroughly at home with us.

Our helpful staff will give you a hand to unpack and settle in. Remember – your room in the care home is your very own, and we’ll work with you to give it your personal touch.

The Retreat Care Home will soon feel just like Home from Home!

Arranging Care in our Residential Care Home

Local Authority Social Services Departments

If you are having difficulty coping at home, you can get in touch with your local authority social services department, or your family doctor (GP), to see if they can give you some advice or support.  The first step towards getting help from social services is to ask that the authority carry out a care (or needs) assessment. This is the process by which the social services department finds out about the sort of help and support you may need.  The local authority is obliged to carry out an assessment of your needs if you appear to be someone who might need the type of assistance it can provide.

Each local authority sets ‘eligibility criteria’ that are used to decide who qualifies for services provided or arranged by the authority. They should publish information about these criteria. Your needs are assessed against the eligibility criteria and if they meet the criteria for a particular service, social services must provide it.

Download: Service Users Guide

To download our service users’ guide in pdf form, please click on following link:

Service Users Guide

About the Care Assessment and Care Plan System

For any question regarding arranging care, please call our advisers on 0800 955 0069 or send an email to

A member of our staff will visit you at home or in hospital to discuss with you about the Personal Care Assessment and Care Plan. Or you can visit us to see what we can offer you. Our address is: The Retreat, Belle Vue Road, Hooe, Plymstock, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL9 9NR. We look forward to meeting you!
A quality Care Home in Plymouth such as The Retreat is a very good alternative to Home Care, but if you are looking for good live in carers, supervised by a nurse-led agency, we recommend our domiciliary care service Sunshine Live in Care (see

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